Family Involvement

Open Door Policy
The Grove Academy encourages family involvement. We value the ideas, skills and knowledge that all family and community members may have, and we encourage their contributions into our service. We promote an Open Door Policy where family and community members are invited to contribute to our daily centre programs and any special events that occur at the centre.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
Building Relationships
TGA encourages open and trusting relationships between all staff and families. All staff members are encouraged to build relationships with parents by warmly welcoming them to the centre each day, asking questions and showing a genuine interest to get to know them and their child.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
Weekend Sheets
Parents are encouraged to write down and bring in photos of anything they’ve done over the weekend. This usually leads to a room project based around that topic. Following on from children’s home interests helps to give the child a feeling of familiarity within the centre and further enhances their sense of belonging.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement