Grove Develop Program

The Grove Develop Program builds the roots of a child, and guides individual life paths distinctively, guiding and transforming individuals to their greatest potential. The following graphic outlines all aspects behind The Grove Develop Program, which caters for each characteristic of a child’s development.

Grove Develop Program

Grove Branched Approach

At The Grove Academy, our centre philosophy is inspired by trees and branching. The branches of a tree represent a limitless journey as it continues to grow and expand, however are determined and guided by the healthiness of its roots. As a tree’s foundation determines the coordination of its branches, so too does a child’s foundation during its crucial first 5 years shape their journey through life. Hence, we focus on incorporating every necessary aspect in their development, while guiding, directing and supporting them to form a solid foundation for their future.

We follow a Reggio inspired curriculum that is always flexible and branches from children’s ideas, thoughts and observations. Our Reggio goal is to cultivate within children a lifelong passion for learning and exploration. This approach places an emphasis on children’s symbolic languages in the context of a project oriented curriculum, where learning is viewed as a journey and growth; and education as building relationships with people (both children and adults) and creating connections between ideas and the environment.

Here at The Grove Academy, we endeavor to develop a holistic approach. We focus on children’s physical, personal, social and emotional well being as well as cognitive aspects of learning. The Grove Academy sets the foundation of roots in fostering and enhancing connections between children, families and communities while highlighting the importance of relationships and partnerships for learning.